Crime Stoppers is a non-profit organization. The first Crime Stoppers program began in September 1976 in Albuquerque, New Mexico and has since spread to include over 1,000 cities and 13 countries worldwide. The mission of Crime Stoppers is to work with law enforcement and the media to help make our communities a safer place in which to live. Silicon Valley Crime Stoppers (originally named San Jose Crime Stoppers) was formed in September 1982 and is made up of a board of volunteers.

On August 17, 2000, San Jose Crime Stoppers changed their name to Silicon Valley Crime Stoppers (SVCS) to better reflect the newly expanded program and partnership with all of the law enforcement agencies in Santa Clara County, as well as the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s office, California Highway Patrol and the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department.

Silicon Valley Crime Stoppers Board of Directors
The Board of Directors oversees the program and is responsible for fundraising and approving reward payments. The Board of Directors is a non-paid volunteer board made up of concerned citizens who are dedicated to the mission of Silicon Valley Crime Stoppers.

2013 – 2014 Board of Directors

Tuyen Fiack, President
Maria Le, Vice-President
Arthur Gilmore, Treasurer
Adrienne Bellot, Boardmember
Claire Keyes, Boardmember
Jon Lawrence, Boardmember
Bud LoMonaco, Boardmember
Jim Spence, Boardmember

Law Enforcement Liaisons:

Charley Adams, Campbell Police Dept.
Jason Dwyer, San Jose Police Dept.
Herman Leon, Santa Clara County Sheriff
Jason Pierce, San Jose Police Dept./ California State Crime Stoppers Board of Directors
Janean Reynolds, California Highway Patrol
Kory Seely, California Highway Patrol
Brian Simuro, San Jose Police Dept. Crime Stoppers Liaison
Katherine Velasquez, San Jose Police Dept.

Get involved!
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