Silicon Valley Crime Stoppers provides a safe place for citizens to provide anonymous information about crime and fugitives.  We’ll deliver your information to the proper authorities to investigate without revealing your identity.  If the information you provided leads to an arrest, you may be eligible for a reward of up to $1,000.

April 2010

281 telephone tips, 70 email tips, 8 cases solved, 13 cases being investigated, 2 illegal drug related cases solved with approx. 61 lbs. of Marijuana confiscated- approx. street value $18,350.00 and ½ lb. of Methamphetamine (with misc.smaller amounts)-approx. street value $8500.00. Digital weight scales were also seized. Cash seized was approx. $14,200.00. Two parolees were arrested, one in possession of a loaded handgun. Three additional loaded handguns and three rifles were also seized. Two outstanding felony fugitive arrest warrants were served. In total, there were four persons arrested and charged with various crimes to include-Parole holds, Weapons violations, Narcotics possession /Sales and Receiving stolen property.