June 2010- December 2010

June 21, 2010: 250 telephone tips, 29 email tips, 3 cases solved, 35 cases being investigated, 6 suspects were arrested in Felony drug related cases for a combined amount of 6.ozs of Methamphetamine with an approx. street value of $7200.00. 20 tabs of Ecstacy, approx. street value of $200.00 and 21 Oxycontin (Oxycodone) pills, approx. street value of $252.00 were also seized. 5 laptop computers, misc. jewelry, 3 cameras and other misc. items were also seized as a result of a probation search. The listed suspects related to the drug arrests were charged with Poss. For Sales of Methamphetamine, Transportation for Sales of Methamphetamine, Driving on a suspended driver’s license and being under the influence of a controlled substance.

July 19, 2010:  173 telephone tips, 36 email tips, 0 cases solved by arrest, 34 cases being investigated.


August 16, 2010: 272 telephone tips, 36 email tips, 0 cases solved by arrest, 38 cases being investigated.


September 20, 2010: 578 telephone tips, 37 email tips, 1 case solved by arrest, 21 cases being investigated, one suspect was arrested on an out-of-state felony warrant.

October 18, 2010:  408 telephone tips, 39 email tips, 0 cases solved by arrest, 26 cases being investigated.

November 15, 2010:  387 telephone tips, 43 email tips, 1 case solved (search warrant obtained, property recovered, arrest pending), 29 cases being investigated.    

December 20, 2010: 547 telephone tips, 30 email tips, 0 cases solved by arrest, 17 cases being investigated.

December 21, 2010 to January 17, 2011: 563 telephone tips, 31 email tips, 2 cases solved by arrest, 14 cases closed, 17 cases being investigated. 2 suspects were arrested. One suspect had a NBA arrest warrant and was driving under the influence and had no DL. The second suspect was arrested for driving on a suspended license and possession of 1.3 grams of cocaine ($150.00 street value). An immigration hold was placed on him pending an ICE review.

Totals for 2010: 4130 calls were received, 610 email tips, 27 cases solved by arrest ( 19 illegal drug related, 7 gun cases, 13 warrant cases, 1 auto theft arrest, 1 non-residential burglary), approx. 194 lbs. of Marijuana and approx. 2 lbs /3ozs. of Methamphetamine, and 1.3 grams of cocaine were seized for a combined street value of $111,330.00. A combined cash seizure in U.S. currency was approx. $116,400.00. A combined 34 suspects were taken into custody to date, related to the above listed Felony and Misdemeanor charges. (1 pending arrest for non-residential burglary).