May 2010

231 telephone tips, 34 email tips, 3 cases solved, 25 cases being investigated, 6 suspects were arrested in Felony drug related cases for a combined amount of Methamphetamine at the approx. weight of 1 ½  ounces. The street value at approx. $1500.00. One suspect was arrested for being a Felon in possession of a stun → Read More

April 2010

281 telephone tips, 70 email tips, 8 cases solved, 13 cases being investigated, 2 illegal drug related cases solved with approx. 61 lbs. of Marijuana confiscated- approx. street value $18,350.00 and ½ lb. of Methamphetamine (with misc.smaller amounts)-approx. street value $8500.00. Digital weight scales were also seized. Cash seized was approx. $14,200.00. Two parolees were → Read More

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